What Digital Marketing Means for Mattress Manufacturers & Retailers

Digital Marketing for Mattress Companies

It’s timeless. As digital marketers, it always comes back to this: “What keeps our client awake at night?” The question is somewhat ironic for our mattress manufacturing and retail clients, who I like to believe, get some of the best sleep around…

But think about it for a moment: what does keep you awake at night?

As far as the mattress industry is concerned, you’re likely preoccupied with the impact of direct to consumer mattress companies like Casper and Tuft & Needle. Or how you’re going to keep the showroom doors swinging when customers are increasingly turning to the Internet for product research and even purchase.

Enter the promise of digital marketing in driving your mattress business and ensuring you get the uninterrupted sleep you deserve.

What Is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing“Digital” is a much-beloved buzzword in today’s business world, and rightly so. But what exactly does digital marketing encompass? The short answer lies somewhere between everything and almost everything — at least when it comes to reaching your audience where it spends the majority of its time: online.

For Studio C5, our work is consumed with finding, connecting with, and forging meaningful relationships with our clients’ customers online. Primary channels include websites, social media, email, search engines, paid media, and more. But successful digital marketing doesn’t operate in silos. It’s unified by a cohesive digital strategy designed to meet your customer wherever they are in the buying process. For direct to consumer and traditional mattress retailers alike, that means understanding your leads’ motivations and tailoring our communications and offers accordingly.

What It Means for Mattress Manufacturers and Retailers

For some, “digital” may sound cold, but when we talk about marketing automation we’re really talking about a highly personalized approach to selling mattresses online and driving customers into showrooms.

In the 21st century, the reality is:

  • Customers are no longer starting their research on the showroom floor; instead, they’re Googling your brand and competition, comparing options and prices
  • Customers are more reliant on product reviews than ever, and they’re turning to online review sites and social media for crowd-sourced product reviews and recommendations
  • Traditional “broadcast” marketing (e.g. direct mail, billboards, TV commercials) are no longer enough. Your customer doesn’t want to be talked at; they want to be talked with.

But don’t just take our word for it. The connected consumer is affecting both the online and in-store mattress buying cycle:

On top of it, traditional marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. Even more traditional “online” advertising is facing a major challenge from adblocking software. According to MarketingLand, a study by Sourcepoint and ComScore shows that “people who use ad blockers are more likely to be the types of high-value consumers marketers aim to reach: young and well-off.”

Reaching your target mattress customer means putting together a 360 degree, highly personalized digital marketing strategy.

Direct to Consumer “Bed-in-a-Box” Brands Get It. Are You Ready?

The direct to consumer mattress revolution has landed, and it’s showing up on more and more doorsteps around the country each and every day. Is your manufacturing or retail operation ready?

Mattress DeliveryFor Manufacturers:

  • Diversify — Identify new direct-to-consumer opportunities you can sell via ecommerce. To maximize ROI, ask yourself: what can you manufacture at high quality and ship for low cost?
  • Play to your strengths — Implement a digital marketing strategy that is targeted to specific consumer demographics and geolocation.

For Retailers:

  • Incentivize — Use targeted digital marketing tactics like email marketing and pay-per-click advertising along with a unique, special offer to drive customers to your showroom.
  • Sell on education and experience — From the moment a customer walks on the showroom floor, show them what direct-to-consumer can’t: think personal service, product demonstrations, even a coffee bar.

So What’s Next?

Digital marketing — and its encompassed strategies, like marketing automation — is the answer, providing personalization at scale without sacrificing valuable time or increasing overhead.

Because, after all, there aren’t many purchases more personal than choosing where you’ll sleep for the next several years.

At Studio C5, digital marketing for mattress manufacturers and retailers is what we do. And we’re ready to help you forge lasting relationships with customers no matter where they are — researching your brand on a desktop, comparing prices on a smartphone, or just walking into your showroom…

Let’s get started. Request a free assessment from Studio C5 today!