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We’re a web design company in Fenton, MO. We build beautifully designed, fully responsive, SEO-injected websites.

We’re proud to be a WordPress development company.  A well-built and optimized website is the backbone of your brand’s potential online presence. A well-designed website that runs fast, navigates smoothly, and closes visitors into leads will help your business grow.

Good news – we’re also experienced at optimizing WordPress websites for PageSpeed Core Web Vitals.  You’re in good hands!


  • Is your website mobile-ready?
  • Is your website PageSpeed Ready?
  • Is your website SEO optimized?
  • Are you converting visitors into leads?

We can help you with these and more!

WordPress Website Development

About WordPress

As an experienced web design company, we believe WordPress is one of the most robust CMS platforms on the market.  WordPress is a free and open-source content management system built on PHP and MySQL and comes with a fantastic set of features.  As a WordPress development company, we can make you anything from an essential “mobile-ready” website that outlines your core business and services to a robust WooCommerce website to sell your products.

The WordPress platform is proven, easy to use, built for publishing, backed by a vibrant and growing developer community (hundreds of thousands), and offers the most extensive set of plugins to support pretty much anything you have dreamed about doing on a website.

Whether your need is large or small, know that global brands like CNN and the New York Times run on WordPress.

No matter what, don’t fall for companies like Wix. Yes, we admit, they are great marketers, but do your homework and learn the facts.   As just one example, Wix sites are super slow and tend to rank poorly in Google web search (source).

WordPress Web Design

What We Love Most About WordPress

As a web design company, the answer is simple; it’s the best content management system on the planet.

It's The Most Popular

WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform in the world. As of 2021, 42% of the web runs on WordPress!

It's Very Powerful

WordPress is open-source and offers over 55,000 plugins to help build a powerful website. From WooCommerce to GravityForms, whatever the need, we got you!

It's Great for SEO

Google favors (and rewards) well-built WordPress websites that are lightweight, SEO optimized and mobile responsive. All included in a Studio C5 designed website.

It's Built for Google PageSpeed

Security matters and we're good at it. Every website we build is secure using the best in security features including IThemes Security Pro and BitNinja Server Security.

A Recent WordPress Project

HBP Painting Contractors

We launched this optimized WordPress website on July 7, 2021.   HBP Painting Contractors is a family-owned, full-service painting company of fourth-generation painters. They have been in business since 1983, located in O’Fallon, MO.

They offer these services:

  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Cabinet Painting
  • Deck Staining

Now that we’ve built them a strong foundation, Team C5 is driving an SEO strategy to help them increase website traffic and quality leads.

Need your home or business painted?   Visit the pros at HBP!

HBP Painting Contractors
Google PageSpeed
Mobile = 100/100 as of 7-7-21
Mobile = 98/100 as of 7-7-21

What Other WordPress Options Do We Offer?

Whatever your need, we got you covered.


We can optimize an existing WordPress website for a great mobile experience, improve PageSpeed performance, even optimize for SEO.

A Brand New Site

Need to start from scratch? No problem. We'll build you a beautiful WordPress website with SEO-optimized content, clear call to actions, and great navigation.


We can inject WooCommerce into your WordPress website so you can start selling your products online, securely, 24x7.


Easy peasy! Our affordable maintenance plan will keep your WordPress website up to date, secure, backed up, and running smoothly around the clock.

So What's The Next Step?

First and foremost, we recommend checking your current website health using our free audit to determine what you may need to improve your online success! Our gift to you, just for visiting with us today!

Our free local SEO health audit report checks much more than the health of your website.  It checks your links, rankings, local listings, online reputation, and more!

Whatever your needs, you can trust Team C5 to deliver.

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  4. You’d like to SEO optimize your website to help in search?
  5. You’re Google PageSpeed is in the red and you need help fast!
  6. You want to sell online and want to add e-commerce ability.
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