8 Simple Rules for Writing Stellar Email Subject Lines

How to Write Email Subject Lines That Will Get Your Email Read

The average person receives over 100 emails a day.

Most of them are deleted without ever being opened. If you want to make sure your marketing email isn’t sent straight to the trash folder, then you need a solid email subject line.

The email subject line is what determines whether your email is read or simply deleted. Having a good email subject line is actually more important than the email itself. If your email subject line is subpar, then it doesn’t matter how amazing your email is because no one will read it.

Here are 8 simple rules for writing attention-grabbing email subject lines that will get your email read.


How to Find the Right Marketing or Advertising Agency

Let’s Face it, There Are a Lot to Choose From

There are an estimated 13,536 advertising agencies in the United States alone.

With that many options, it can be difficult to find the right one, even when you focus only on agencies with a specialization. Use this guide to help you find the advertising or marketing agency that can help you make the biggest impact.


SEO Tips for Your Dental Practice Website

Make Your Dental Website Ready For Google

Is your dental practice website lost on page three of the Google results?

Has your website traffic flatlined? Is your online presence not doing enough to help you attract new patients?

Use these SEO tips to help more people find your dental website.

60% of all organic clicks go to the organic top 3 search results. (Business2Community)


Is TV Advertising as Effective as It Should Be?

The “Competition” of DVR and Netflix

When you talk about advertising, people tend to think first of TV ads. Iconic campaigns and long-running spokespeople typically make a stronger impression than a static print ad or a forgettable radio ad. But as these stats from Adweek illustrate, TV advertising might not be as effective as it used to be.


What is Marketing Automation and How to Use it

Did you realize that you could automate some of the most time and labor intensive aspects of the marketing process? Not only that, these technologies often deliver better results than you’re getting now. Learn more about marketing automation, and decide if this smarter strategy could revolutionize the way you reach out to customers.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is any technology or software that helps companies to manage, measure, and optimize the marketing process throughout the sales tunnel. Here are some of the most common ways that businesses utilize marketing automation:


How to Do a Competitive Analysis for Your Business

Understanding Your Competition is the First Step

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is crucial if you want to be successful in business. After all, how can you appeal to your target customers if you don’t understand the appeals they are getting from similar businesses?


Digital vs Traditional Marketing – What Works Best?

How Digital and Traditional Marketing Intertwine

We get asked questions all the time about digital vs traditional marketing. Can I reach more customers on the radio or on Facebook? If I spend more on a print ad campaign will I see a higher ROI than focusing on social media? Do I need to put all my eggs in one basket, or should I focus on both digital and traditional marketing?


7 Ways to Help Increase Brand Awareness for Your Company

Build and Increase Brand Awareness Across the Web

No matter what kind of business you run, it’s important for you to increase brand awareness. Think of your brand as the public identity of your company. It’s the shorthand that customers use to identify who you are, where you are, what you sell, and what makes you different from your competitors. If you can increase brand awareness, you stand out from the crowd.


3 Ideas for Top of the Funnel Content

Top of the funnel content is just as important as bottom of the funnel. Some may not think so, and therefore may not spend as much time creating for this level. This is where some sites will lose out on many potential visitors which may turn into potential customers. In fact – 95% of the visitors coming to your site are not ready to make a purchase.

So remember, don’t skip this step in content creation!


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