Social Media Marketing Ideas For Small Business

Social Media Marketing Ideas

Why should your small business rely on social media marketing?

It’s effective, cheap, engaging, relevant and accessible.  We could list a lot more reasons if your business is not using social media marketing you are missing out on a big opportunity.

To help you get started, we’ve put together this list of simple social media tactics that any small business can put into action.

Create a Plan

Before you dive in, plan which social media outlets you will rely on, how your social media marketing strategy will integrate with your current marketing efforts, and what your benchmarks for success will be. The more focused your plan is, the more likely it is to succeed.

Look for Your Customers

Your customers are likely on some social media sites, but not all of them. It can take time to find out where they congregate, but your social media marketing efforts will be much more effective if you can tap into an established community.

Make Time

It takes time to write posts, follow along with conversations, and keep up with the issues and interests that are grabbing your followers. Effective social media marketing is all about being consistent and current, so make sure you or someone on your staff have enough time to put in the necessary work.

Be Human

People connect with other people, not businesses. Create a personal voice for your small business by using a face rather than a logo in your profile picture, relying on personal pronouns in your posts, and having one or two people handle your posts so your voice remains consistent.

Be an Expert

You can add value to any social community you join by offering expert advice based on your businesses experience. For instance, if you are a general contractor, find people that need home improvement advice and start answering their questions.

Create a Conversation

Social marketing strategies rarely work when information only flows one way. Make sure you take the time to read people’s comments, to respond promptly and thoughtfully, and to spend as much time on your follower’s pages as you do on your own.

Provide Value

What is the incentive for people to follow along with you? You need to give people a reason to stay engaged by informing them, entertaining them, or helping them get more from your small business. This is an ongoing and sometimes a tricky process, but it’s vital if you want to keep customers in your orbit.

New Social Media Tactics are Created Everyday

Social media is still in its infancy, which means that social media marketing is, too. Businesses of all sizes, and in all industries, are still learning how to effectively connect with customers in these new digital spaces. If your initial social media marketing campaign is not as successful as you’d hoped, don’t worry – you are definitely not alone.

Consider getting some help from a team that can show you the insider’s tips and tricks that have proved to be effective. Contact social media specialists at Studio C5.

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