Why Marketing Offers are Effective for Dental Patients

Dental Offers

Really, How Effective Could a Coupon Be?

According to the American Dental Association, there were 193,330 dentists practicing in the United States in 2011. That means when someone is due for their twice-yearly checkup, they have a lot of choices about which dentist they want to take their business to.

This highlights the importance of dental marketing generally, and special offers specifically. If your practice is not reaching out to new patients and giving them a real incentive to make an appointment, those patients will go elsewhere. Use this guide to begin making effective marketing offers to new and returning dental patients.

Types of Marketing Offers

The reason that marketing offers are so effective at attracting dental patients is that they help differentiate your practice from others. Most patients assume that their dentist is competent and capable. Focusing on why it’s a good value to visit your practice sets you apart and creates a reason to book an appointment. Here are some common types of offers:

  • New Patient Offer – Give special services or discounts to first-time patients
  • Referral Offers – Make it worthwhile for regular patients to recommend friends and family
  • Bundle Offers – When a patient signs up for one service, offer something extra at a better price than normal.
  • Free Offers – Pick something inexpensive – a toothbrush or a consultation – and give it out at no charge to everyone that visits.
  • Contest Offers – Hold a contest with an appealing prize and sign up everyone that makes an appointment.

Where to Advertise Your Marketing Offers

Now that you know what you are going to give out and who you are going to give it to, you need to spread the message. Start here:

  • Social Media – Advertise your marketing offers on all your social media channels
  • Direct Mail – Send out postcards making patients aware of your offers
  • Over the Phone – Instruct your administrators to tell patients about offers, and leave a mention on your voice mail message.
  • As a Partnership – If you partner with an orthodontist or other health care provider, considering sharing the duties for promotion.

What to Avoid with Your Marketing Offers

  • Over-selling – Your goal is to attract new business, not give your business away for free. Make sure that whatever you offer is cost-effective.
  • Over-saturation – Running too many marketing offers at once can confuse patients and dull the impact of the campaign.
  • Blanket Approach – Targeting your offers to your audience is key. Don’t send postcards to long-time patients offering new patient specials. Use the data you have on hand to focus your efforts as much as possible.
  • Anonymity – Be sure to put your logo, slogan, contact info and other unique features of your practice into any literature advertising marketing offers. This strategy isn’t just about drawing in business, it is also about spreading awareness of your practice.

Dental Patients Rely on Marketing

No one enjoys going to the dentist, which is why dental patients need to be drawn out if they are going to make an appointment. That means your practice needs to market itself strategically, creatively, and consistently. Begin developing a customized plan by requesting a free digital marketing consultation.