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You may have heard that only 2% of your website visitors are ready to make a purchase or take the next step right now. But what about the other 98%? Most business owners forget that the majority of their website visitors are coming for answers to their problems and have no intention of making contact. They’re simply not ready to buy! That’s why we inject our client’s sites with marketing automation software.

Your 360 Degree Marketing Automation Solution

SharpSpringSharpSpring is easy to use, yet powerful inbound marketing automation engine that will help us drive more leads to you, convert those leads into sales, and automate your communications to maximize our marketing potential. We partnered with SharpSpring because it gives us the tools to connect with users on a personal level while educating them and nurturing them down the relationship funnel for you.

By embracing the power of marketing automation for your business, we can target 98% of consumers who are not quite ready to buy your product or service. That’s how we nurture your website’s visitors into leads, customers, and more importantly, brand advocates. Not only will our marketing automation services provide detailed stats on each user that fills out a form on the website, but it will also provide information on ALL visitors that come to your site. Pretty cool, huh?

What leads to nurturing capabilities does Studio C5 offer?

When it comes to a website, streamlining is a word that most marketers dream about. Automating your email marketing efforts will save your company time, money and well, quite a few headaches. With SharpSpring’s expansive features, the latest in marketing automation is right at your fingertips. Just 4 of the many features include:

  1. Visitor identification system
  2. Behavior-Based Email Marketing/campaign automation
  3. 360 Degree CRM / Sales Intelligence
  4. Real-Time Analytics
  5. See all their features

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These elements are all crucial to today’s inbound marketing climate. That’s why we provide you with access to this data, so you will be well on your way to nurturing leads down your sales pipeline, and closing sales left and right!

Visitor Identification1. Visitor identification will help put users into the correct sales funnel

For example, if Sally visits your site and explores its key pages, shouldn’t you know about it? Just because Sally didn’t fill out a form, it doesn’t mean she’s not fit to be your customer. This tool shows you statistics on each visitor that will help play a defining role in your sales process. The system will gather data including company, email, and pages visited. This will give us vital information to determine if this user is ready to be put into one of your sales funnels.

Not only is the information provided great for our efforts to grow your bottom line, but it’s useful for you as well. Your sales department will now have business intelligence on each lead that could be the difference in closing or losing, a sale.

Marketing Automation2. Marketing automation to simplify your life and save you time and?

Once again, this SharpSpring feature will benefit our lead nurturing efforts, as well as your internal sales team. Marketing automation is critical because each lead that slips by means money lost. Email marketing automation will ensure that we’re staying on top of each prospect and are providing them with the appropriate information, at the right time, to keep them tuned in. SharpSpring’s tool-set is used to create marketing automation campaigns that are triggered based on specific user behaviors.

A few different ways we use automation to help you:

    • Sending an email to a user who has visited key pages
    • Triggering email sends to a user who has filled out a form
    • Sending an email to a user who has been idle for a while and needs refreshing on your service
    • Automatically sending specific emails to leads based on their cookies, and what they did on your site
    • Sending an email to your sales team to notify them of a lead who seems interested in their department

360 Customer / Lead Management3. A 360-degree customer relationship management CRM component to keep your leads organized

In our eyes, the icing on the cake here is the CRM component of SharpSpring. This gives you a 360-degree view of your customers! In fact, this tool-set provides the perfect place for you to organize your prospects, leads, and customers.

You can create lists based on the user’s involvement and then can create campaigns specifically for each list. This is a great way to keep your leads and customers separate because you don’t want to send them the same messages.

Furthermore, your salespeople will have critical information at their fingertips to help them close deals. And with these sales analytics, we’ll know exactly why deals are closing, or why they are falling off the pipeline. As a result, we’ll adjust and optimize those portions of the pipeline accordingly.

Real time campaign analytics4. Real-time campaign analytics to stay on top of your site’s performance and optimize results

The final, and possibly most important, component of this new software is its analytics. Every element of your website and marketing automation should be analyzed. If you’re not testing the campaigns you’re putting into practice, then how will you know what is actually working best? Access to all form, site, and visitor analytics gives us all of the information we need to determine whether or not updates need to be made to your campaigns.

This portion of the software will also give you insight as to what search terms and content are bringing the most traffic to your site. We can capitalize on this critical information to help drive more traffic together from there.

Here are some key takeaways about SharpSpring’s marketing automation system

  • Drive-in more leads by identifying the 98% of traffic that visits but is not quite ready to buy
  • Analyze which content we publish is actually generating the best leads
  • Utilize our SEO tools to strengthen our overall strategy
  • Give your sales team the intelligence that is critical for them to close more deals
  • Help adjust your sales strategies based on actionable data and even identify performing reps
  • We’ll save you time, money and streamline your workflows

We believe that no matter what industry you’re in, all of these features sound appealing. That’s why we’ve invested in this innovative technology. To support our valued clients, whether B2C or B2B, we’re proud to offer SharpSpring’s advanced marketing automation capabilities to complete our all-inclusive inbound marketing system.

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