Finally, Online Marketing that Works

Our C5 inbound marketing methodology will generate more relevant traffic, convert more leads and close more sales. We’ll deliver the right buyers through this proven strategy. And this is how we do it!

Develop Your StrategyRESEARCH to define

We start by understanding your brand, identifying your realistic goals, analyze your target market and competitive landscape to develop a 40 Page marketing gameplan for success.

Forget interruption based marketing techniques that cost a lot of money and rarely yield results. Our Inbound Marketing strategies are permission based methodologies that build the right strategy to:

  • Define your brand
  • Outline your business goals
  • Research your target market & competitive landscape
  • Develop buyer personas
  • Configure key performance indicators
  • Outline the communication strategy
  • & much more!

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Optimize Your WebsiteBUILD to implement

Once the strategy is defined, we implement the blueprint by building a strong foundation on which we’ll launch your strategy for success.

We’ll be ready to launch your new lead generating website within weeks not months. Your site should strive to bring in as much quality traffic as you can handle, and more importantly, keep them there.

Campaign Development Includes:

  • Developing a beautifully optimized WordPress website
  • Creating remarkable, compelling content that people love
  • Injecting clear call-to-actions and funnels that convert visitors into leads
  • Setting up the lead generating that nurtures leads down the funnel
  • Connecting to your CRM to improve workflows and shorten the sales cycle

The key is that when you look at your site, it must be clear to the visitor what you do and why they are on your website within the first 5 seconds of being there. Rest assure that your website will be optimized for SEO, easy to navigate and optimized for conversion.

Drive Qualified TrafficMARKET to drive

Once the foundation is set, our team attracts targeted searchers so you get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Relevant traffic is driven to your website through strategically written blog articles, social media and C5’s effective search engine optimization techniques.

Our method of attracting qualified traffic is much more effective than the alternative – blasting a message to thousands of uninterested people in the hopes you’ll have a return rate of around 2%.

Nurture Leads To SalesNURTURE to close

We nurture leads into sales so you get the most value out of your marketing investment.

Nurturing a lead is a critical part of marketing success. Recent studies have shown that up to 50% of leads you may receive are qualified – however are not ready to buy. Lead nurturing builds relationships between the marketer and the prospect.

C5’s inbound marketing methodology utilizes marketing automation to collect social media information about your leads, segment them into targeted leads, and manage the initial follow-up(s) for you.

Tools like lead nurturing and e-mail marketing will help close up to 50% more leads.

ENGAGE to grow

ENGAGE to grow

Staying engaged with your customers is vital.  And our post-strategy support will help you focus on building brand advocates of your business.

There’s no better time then just after serving a customer to get a review or as for a referral.  We know your busy at work serving customers so rely on us to take lead on this by communicating with your customers in a non-intrusive strategic way.

We’ll interface them through social, over newsletters and more!  We’ll focus on grabbing the great review and even make sure to keep our finger on the pulse for any customer gone awol.

After all, reputation is everything!

Marketing AnalysisANALYSIS is everything

No more wondering what’s going on as we provide ongoing analysis and strive for continued improvement of your ROI month after month.

While its great to create ongoing remarkable content and drive tons of traffic for you – we’d be silly if we did not review our efforts to ensure we’re hitting the mark. Through the power of analytics and robust reporting, we’ll share in recognizing our successes and always work smarter to improve on maximizing your investment.

After all – marketing without proper analysis of whats going right and possibly wrong – is like throwing that noodle at the kitchen cabinet and hoping it sticks, just because your hungry.

Through analysis we can see what content works best for driving traffic, what message is hitting home for conversion and what nurturing strategy increases your bottom line.

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