What Digital Marketing Means for Mattress Manufacturers & Retailers


It’s timeless. As digital marketers, it always comes back to this: “What keeps our client awake at night?” The question is somewhat ironic for our mattress manufacturing and retail clients, who I like to believe, get some of the best sleep around…

But think about it for a moment: what does keep you awake at night?


Direct-to-Consumer Mattresses: 3 Ways Retailers Can Weather the Storm

Seemingly overnight, mattress sales have gone direct to consumer.

But just because companies like Casper are revolutionizing the way consumers shop for mattresses doesn’t mean your retail operation has to suffer.  Are direct-to-consumer mattress companies giving you nightmares?

Here are 3 tips to keep you sleeping soundly… and your retail mattress business in the black.


Find a Marketing Agency in St. Louis, MO

Which Marketing Agency in St. Louis is Right for You?

Your Choice Matters for Your Business – if You Care About ROI that is.

Do a quick search for “Marketing agency in St. Louis” and you will be inundated with dozens, even hundreds of results. Each one of these companies promises to deliver creative campaigns, innovative approaches, and guaranteed outcomes. With all those choices and all those competing claims, it can be a major challenge picking the right marketing agency in St. Louis to trust. We’ve put together a quick list of features to look for so that you can feel confident you’re making the right selection.


Tips for Writing Mattress Content That Ranks Higher on Google

Compelling Content Gets Results

60% of all organic clicks go to the organic top three search results. How do you get to the top? By writing compelling content.

When it comes to ranking high in Google search results, the most important thing you need is unique, compelling, relevant content.

“Wait! What about high-quality backlinks?” you say.


8 Simple Rules for Writing Stellar Email Subject Lines

How to Write Email Subject Lines That Will Get Your Email Read

The average person receives over 100 emails a day.

Most of them are deleted without ever being opened. If you want to make sure your marketing email isn’t sent straight to the trash folder, then you need a solid email subject line.

The email subject line is what determines whether your email is read or simply deleted. Having a good email subject line is actually more important than the email itself. If your email subject line is subpar, then it doesn’t matter how amazing your email is because no one will read it.

Here are 8 simple rules for writing attention-grabbing email subject lines that will get your email read.


4 Mattress Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2015

What’s in Store for Mattress Retailers This Year

Well, it’s a new year. A fresh start.

A chance to take stock of what’s working for your business and what isn’t. As you’re planning your mattress marketing strategy for 2015, here are four mattress marketing trends to watch for.


The Importance of Tracking Your Website Traffic

Know Whether Your Online Marketing Strategy Works

The world of website analytics can seem vast and confusing if your are new to it.

But the reality is that tracking your website traffic is easier than you think and absolutely worth your time. Paying attention to how people use your website ultimately helps you build a better website and convert more often. It’s like having every single one of your visitors participate in a focus group survey.


New Google Mobile Algorithm Coming Soon

Go Mobile and Avoid an Algorithm Penalty

If you’re trying to maximize the impact of your online presence, you need to be aware of changes coming soon to the Google mobile algorithm.

The search giant has announced plans update the way they prioritize sites, placing a greater emphasis on sites that are mobile-friendly.

The change will go into effect on April 21st and is expect to have a major impact on existing search engine rankings. That means that if your site is not mobile-friendly, you will struggle to connect with new customers. To help you keep your ranking high, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you adapt to the new Google mobile algorithm.


How to Find the Right Marketing or Advertising Agency

Let’s Face it, There Are a Lot to Choose From

There are an estimated 13,536 advertising agencies in the United States alone.

With that many options, it can be difficult to find the right one, even when you focus only on agencies with a specialization. Use this guide to help you find the advertising or marketing agency that can help you make the biggest impact.


Dental Marketing Trends to Consider for 2015

What’s Trending in Dental Marketing For 2015

Marketing advances and evolves faster than many people realize. Some technologies and techniques that are common today didn’t even exist five years ago.

In order to reach the largest number of dental patients, it’s important to know about all the marketing tools at your disposal. These are some of the marketing trends that we expect to have the biggest impact on dental marketing in 2015:


Is TV Advertising as Effective as It Should Be?

The “Competition” of DVR and Netflix

When you talk about advertising, people tend to think first of TV ads. Iconic campaigns and long-running spokespeople typically make a stronger impression than a static print ad or a forgettable radio ad. But as these stats from Adweek illustrate, TV advertising might not be as effective as it used to be.


What is Marketing Automation and How to Use it

Did you realize that you could automate some of the most time and labor intensive aspects of the marketing process? Not only that, these technologies often deliver better results than you’re getting now. Learn more about marketing automation, and decide if this smarter strategy could revolutionize the way you reach out to customers.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is any technology or software that helps companies to manage, measure, and optimize the marketing process throughout the sales tunnel. Here are some of the most common ways that businesses utilize marketing automation:


Radio Advertising vs Online Marketing

Consider These Two Statistics

there are 13,000 radio stations in America reaching over 94% of the US population 12 and over each week. But between 2012 and 2013, the total amount spent on radio advertising declined by 5.6%. Why would a medium that reaches so many people be so unattractive to advertisers? The answer is complicated, but understanding it is important for any business that wants to stretch its marketing budget and maximize its impact.


Why Using a Call to Action is So Important

Learn Something New and Exciting

Discover a crucial element of copy writing.

Keep on reading!

All of these are call to action statements, and they are a simple but effective way to influence the behavior of your target audience. If you look around the web, you will find that these statements are everywhere – encouraging you to click a link, travel to the next page, download something for free, or make a purchase online. The reason you see them so often is that they really work, and if you are not using them in your content, you are missing out on a big opportunity.


Web Key Performance Indicators to Watch Out For

Are You Analyzing Your KPIs Regularly?

Analytic tools make it easy for you to monitor a wide range of metrics related to the performance of your site. But if you want to get a true sense for how well you are doing, you need to know which metrics are the key performance indicators. Some numbers speak volumes, and others are relatively irrelevant. Pay close attention to the following…


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