How to Use Effective Dental Social Media Strategies

Dental Social Media Strategies

Your dental practice probably has at least one social media profile. But if you are like many businesses, you are puzzled over how to turn Facebook posts and Tweets into actual revenue. Try using these simple, effective dental social media strategies.

Provide Valuable Content

You have to give people a reason to visit your social media profiles initially and to come back regularly. Use the platform to publish content that is relevant to your patients. Talk about things like proper brushing, foods to avoid for good oral health, and signs that you might need braces.

Valuable, relevant content entices people to check out your profile regularly and encourages them to share the content around the web, spreading your reach even further.

Offer Incentives

Facebook users have the option to “check-in” and geotag themselves everywhere they go. If your patient’s check-in when they visit your office, it helps to spread your name and message throughout the patient’s network of friends.

You can encourage patients to check in first by reminding them with a sign in your lobby, and then by offering a simple incentive like a high-quality toothbrush, a discount on a cleaning, or a free cosmetic consultation. Just make sure your page has check-ins enabled.

Boost Your Image

Social media makes it easy to post almost a limitless number of pictures. Take the opportunity to post fun pictures of your staff, smiling patients, community events, and delighted children.

People often dread a visit to the dentist, but you can use this simple dental marketing strategy to give your practice more fun and positive image. Plus, candid photos on Facebook or Instagram seem more authentic than the staged photos typically used for dental marketing.

Produce Videos

You don’t have to have any filmmaking experience to produce and publish videos on your dental social media pages. Have members of your staff introduce themselves, talk a little about their background, and answer questions that patients commonly have.

These simple videos make your practice seem more familiar and more approachable. New patients want to know what they are getting into, and a video helps to introduce them to your staff and your office before they ever make their first appointment.

Drive Traffic

You would be surprised how much traffic you can drive to your social media profiles just by reminding people that they exist. Make sure that all your profiles link to each other, and tell your patients about your social media presence in your newsletter, on your website, in print literature, and in person.

One of the biggest challenges in dental social media marketing is to get the initial profile visit. Your mission becomes a lot easier once you get over that hump, so make it as simple as possible for people to find you on their social networks.

Dental Social Media Marketing is Just Part of the Strategy

The most successful dental social media marketing campaigns are just one part of a broader inbound marketing strategy. Using a variety of digital tools and techniques, this strategy is designed to turn people surfing the internet into patients booking appointments. Learn more about how it works and how it could work for you by contacting the dental marketing specialists at Studio C5.

If you have questions, we’d love to help.  Request a free consultation today so we can empower you with what you need to get ahead and on top of your online reputation. It matters!

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