How to Get Your Business on Google: Guide for St. Louis Businesses


Is your St. Louis-based business listed on Google? In the past week, 75% of shoppers have used a Google product to help with their shopping. Google is the most-used search engine in the world. But if your business isn’t listed then you’re missing out.

If your contact details aren’t on Google or even if you’re not sure, there’s great news.

Google offers FREE tools to help local companies like yours be seen. Google Maps, Search, and more which can promote your store without costing you a penny.

This article explains how to get your business on Google.

We look at where to start to advertise your company online. How Google My Business is the perfect tool to attract more customers. And how to get your business on Google support analytics to spot trends and statistics.

Read on to discover why having a listing on Google is essential. And how to ensure your business makes the best use of its services.

GMB-Cellphone-blastoffHow to Get Your Business on Google

You don’t need to have a website to get your business listed on Google.

The company offers a wide range of products that your offline business can tap into to promote itself. And a great place to start is Google for Small Business.

Google for Small Business

Have you a physical store based in St. Louis? Or are you’re an online-only business?

No matter your business type or size, the Google for Small Business toolkit brings together everything you need.

This free service creates a customized plan based on your requirements. Simply click on the ‘Get My Plan’ button and answer the questions.

Google takes you step-by-step to identify the services that will benefit you the most. Even if you haven’t started trading, the plan helps you to consider everything you’ll need to go live including:

  • Custom business email using Gmail
  • Video promotion through YouTube
  • Advertising through Google Ads
  • Free business profile on Google My Business

If you do have a website or are considering having a site built, Google’s Search Console tool is a must.

The Search Console lets you submit and track your website listing and helps to optimize it for higher rankings. It includes reports so you can see what your visitors searched for.

You can also use the free Google Analytics tool for a more in-depth overview of your site’s traffic.

Google My Business

Google My Business Icon

Google lets you create a free business profile that appears throughout its network.

The service is called Google My Business and it allows you to fully engage with your customers.

Profiles are interactive, so people can see your contact details and call you directly from their mobile phones. Your profile triggers on local search phrases like ‘St. Louis pizza restaurant’. Google even lists you on its Maps service with easy directions for your customers to follow.

Here’s a breakdown of all the benefits Google My Business brings. And remember the service is free!

Free Business Profile

Your business profile appears across Google’s network including Search and Maps. Information includes:

  • Contact details – phone, email, address, website
  • Interactive contact – direct message, phone call
  • Map search with directions
  • Opening hours
  • Customer reviews and feedback
  • Photographs of products, services, and premises

You can update your profile as often as you wish which is great to highlight promotions and discounts. If your store needs to close temporarily due to pandemic restrictions, use the profile to let your customers know.

Think of the service as a mini-website and use it to your advantage to market yourself online.

Google Map Local Search


Google recognizes local search queries and creates an interactive map with related listings.

Customers can then plan their journey to your store all within one screen. Street View also provides a point-of-view camera angle so they can virtually visit your premises before arriving.

Contact Analytics

Want to find out how many people are connecting with you on Google?

Clicks, calls, follows, as well as bookings are all logged. You can access lots of reports through the dashboard and download or print them.

See over time how your profile helps to promote your brand through the Activity tab.

It shows the percentage increase or decreases from date to date. And breaks down exactly what your visitors searched for.

How to Get Your St. Louis Business Onto Google

Use the Google My Business tool to create your profile. The service asks you to submit your business details so make sure to have everything ready before you begin.

However, many business owners don’t feel comfortable or able to do this themselves.

They need assistance in setting up their profile and adding quality content. Submitting the wrong information can actually do more harm than good. Not to mention Google’s constant updates.

That’s why Studio C5 offers Google My Business support.

The service is designed to secure and optimize your listing. We will write a compelling description and optimize your targeted service area. Then upload your photographs and select the best business category during setup.

Did you know that you might have a profile online already?

Google has many business profiles in its system that aren’t claimed. Yours may be one of them.

Our Google My Business support package helps claim your listing. The monthly update option adds online reputation management to ensure you’re kept safe online. And you can analyze the data through our monthly reports.

Google My Business Support for St. Louis Companies

In this article, we’ve seen how to get your business on Google.

Google’s free tools let your local St. Louis company promote itself no matter your size or type. Visitors are able to contact you through the listing and all traffic, including website links, is available for you to view.  Studio C5 helps to put your business on the map.

We’re a local search engine optimization agency that specializes in Google My Business support. We also build professional WordPress websites that are optimized. Making sure that you optimize your website for SEO is the first step in order to try and rank on Google search.

For a free digital marketing consultation, contact us today.  As a local St. Louis-based business, we know what it takes to get listed. And help drive and convert your visitors into paying customers.

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