How to Get Your Business on Google Maps

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google maps for businessesWorking on establishing your brand? In that case, it’s important to have your business listed on Google Maps. Not only will it help your customers navigate, but it will help with ranking and driving traffic to your online streams.

In this article, we will cover a simple four-step process on how to get your business on Google. Keep reading to learn how to utilize Google Maps for businesses.

Why Does Google Maps Matter?

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If your business heavily relies on foot traffic, it is important to optimize and maintain your Google My Business Listings and all other local online directories.

Of all the thousands of citations, the #1 most important is Google My Business as its where most of your potential traffic can come from. When you secure and optimize your Google My Business listing, over time, your business will be shown to all local traffic across Google Search and Google Maps.

Don’t let the opportunity of Google My Business go to waste.  Follow these steps.

1. Create

You can begin with the first step, which is to log in to Google My Business. After, you can follow the simple instructions that will guide you through creating your business profile.

The business profile is a free informational listing, which allows your business to show up in all local searches and Google Map navigation.

During this process, you will be asked to fill in some useful information about your business. You will also be able to claim a URL for the listing, and this information will show up when a user searches up relevant keywords or queries to your business.

In some cases, a listing about your business might exist already if a customer has left a review or uploaded a phone number. In this case, you have to claim it — you simply verify your ownership, and then you can make any changes.

2. Verify

Now that you have a business profile, you need to verify the account; instructions can be found on Google My Business support. This process ensures that your info is authentic, and only you have access to update the profile.

The easiest way to do this is to receive a postcard at your business address. The card will have a verification code and will take about two weeks to arrive.

Some businesses can verify their account via email, Google Search Console, or phone. If these options are available to you, the system will detect these abilities and let you know.

3. Complete

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Now that you have verified your business, it’s important that you fill out all of the information on the provider. The more you add, the more likely will your clients recognize your business as reputable. The more complete, the more effective the list is.

Keep in mind that you should provide accurate and updated information regularly. This information is accessible to users of all Google services, so your opening hours and contact info should be authentic.

4. Optimize

Your business listing is now visible, but it is not optimized. The profile reviews and attributes should be relevant and reflect your business in pure form. The easier a potential customer can understand you, the more likely they will use your services.

A secondhand clothing store might want to highlight that they accept donations and have access to changing rooms. With your business profile dashboard, you can mark attributes that are pertinent to your business.

Not to mention, you can review the attributes assigned by past clients. Also, thank them for their review.

A business without attributes will push away clients, so make sure to add as much information to your business.

Additional Points of Google Maps For Businesses

Keep in mind that:

  1. Information removal can take up to 2 months and stays in the backup storage for longer.
  2. Publicly available information cannot be removed.
  3. You cannot edit keywords or summaries that appear next to your business.
  4. Use Google Posts to promote content, offers, and events.
  5. You should make use of the full character limit in descriptions.
  6. You should respond to all reviews.
  7. Videos speak more than photos.
  8. You can optimize posts with short names to make them easily accessible.
  9. You can consider outsourcing Google Business Management to an agency.

And much more can be learned on the official help page for Google My Business.

Google Maps for Businesses

A complete business profile on Google that boasts verification is updated regularly and appears on Google Maps with reviews and attributes that will light up in the eyes of potential customers.

With this information, you provide instant access to accurate information about you with a single tap of a finger. They don’t have to research, scour, or confuse themselves with inaccurate data. All they have to do is take a quick look, and they will know what you do, how you do it, and how they can find you.

If you’re interested in someone who has experience managing Google Maps for businesses, request a free consultation with us and we will happily accommodate your needs.

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