How Google Punishes Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content

How to Avoid a Google Penalty

Rising up through the Google rankings requires a two-step approach. First, you have to implement an SEO strategy that proves to the Google algorithm that you are valuable, current, and relevant. Second, you need to avoid doing the things that Google penalizes you for. Lots of people focus on the first step but neglect the second one.

Your SEO Strategy Could Be Working Against You

If your goal is to get onto page one, and eventually move into the top spot, you need to be particularly concerned about having duplicate content. Why?

  • Google wants each search result to be unique and valuable

  • Duplicate content produces duplicate search results

  • This content is often stuffed with keywords and spam

  • Therefore, Google reduces the ranking of sites that host duplicate content

The reason that Google is so hard on duplicate content is that spammers often rely on this trick as a kind of lazy SEO. They create a site with the same page repeated hundreds of times hoping they can fool the Google algorithm into thinking they are extremely relevant. Obviously, this is not good for searchers, or for Google’s reputation, so they are pretty harsh when they find a site with duplicate content.

Avoid Duplicate Content and Attract New Traffic

The only reliable way to avoid being penalized for hosting duplicate content is to make sure all your content is unique.  So if you bought into an all-inclusive system that now seems to have duplicated the content on your website with hundreds of other websites in your same market – its time to get out and fast!

While creating content on a regular basis can be a challenge (time mostly), it is always worth it. Offering new and interesting content on your website not only improves your Google ranking, but it also attracts the right new visitors you want to serve and encourages them to come back often.

Here are some basic tips to help you keep your content fresh and effective.

  • Enlist multiple writers and encourage them to write about topics they find interesting or in an area of expertise.
  • Rely on a content calendar to keep yourself organized and to avoid long gaps in publishing.
  • Do keyword research to find the words/phrases that will grab the most traffic.
  • Approach similar topics from multiple angles.
  • Use different types of content like lists, pros/cons, surprising facts, and think pieces to keep you and your readers interested.
  • Focus on content that will always be relevant and useful – evergreen.
  • Write great headlines.

Revamp Your Content and Revitalize Your Web Presence

If you have any duplicate content on your website, it is time to get rid of it. Google is likely penalizing you, and you are discouraging your traffic from coming back over and over. Don’t think of content creation as a burden, however, think of it as an opportunity.

With the right content on your website, you can completely change what you get out of being online. If you need assistance in launching a new approach, partner with the content creation and digital-marketing specialists at Studio C5.

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