Google Business Profile Management Services – Why Consider It for 2022.

Google Business Profile is Free

Are you considering Google Business Profile management services?  As a local business, you may have brushed aside the importance of digital marketing, much less local SEO for your business.

Maybe you’re thinking, “All my customers are less than 5 miles away, so who cares?” Or, “getting found online is only a big deal for national companies.  We’re too small for that.”

But as it turns out, more people are searching for local businesses than ever before.  In fact,

Google reports that 46% of all searches have local intent.

If you want to attract those local searchers, there’s one thing you cannot neglect – Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business).

While the name changed, it’s a must-have for all local businesses.

Consider hiring a local SEO company to manage your Google Business Profile to create the most value.  It’s well worth the investment.

This guide will take a closer look at why it’s so essential and the most significant reasons you need to be working with a reputable local SEO company today.

Let’s dive in.

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What Is Google Business Profile?

Google Business ProfileGoogle Business Profile (formerly named Google My Business) is a free tool that helps local businesses get found more quickly on Google Search and Google Maps.

In fact, with the proper management, you will turn people who find you across Google search and even maps into new customers.

But first things first.  Creating a profile for your business is the first step.

Learn How To Claim Your Google Business Profile Here

After claiming, you’ll start listing out all the pertinent details about your company, your products and services, your service areas, hours of operation, and more.

And with a completed profile and proper management, over time, Google will display your business to consumers searching for local providers of your products or services.

The more work you put into managing your profile (including growing positive Google reviews), the faster your business will start showing up above non-local results.

For instance, if you search for “cannabis store near Festus mo,” you’ll likely see results like these.

Google Local Results (example)
Google Local Results (example)

Since Google can tell you’re looking for something nearby, they list the top local cannabis stores before going into the regular organic search results (non-local results).

These three local results are called the “Google Snack Pack” or “Local 3-Pack.” Only the most well-optimized Google Business Profile makes it into this highly coveted trio of results.

And the only way you can make it into those local results (and get the massive benefits associated with doing so) is first by claiming and completing your profile, then investing time to manage your profile weekly.

Why Do You Need Google Business Profile?

Simply put, it helps your business get found in local search results and allows you a way to climb above your competitors by investing the time to manage it.

On the one hand, there’s the fact that local rankings appear higher than non-local (organic) rankings, just like we saw in the previous section.

But equally worth mentioning is the fact that a Google My Business profile lets you better sell your business right from the search results page.

For instance, on Google Search, snippets of your profile may appear directly on the search results page (see example below).

From there, you can see a wide range of valuable information without ever having to click on the website.

And that means even less friction when it comes to attracting your ideal customer.

Now, what info is displayed, you ask?

Take a look.

Google Business Profile Snippet (example)
Google Business Profile Snippet (example)


There’s your contact information, hours of operations, and star rating.  And when a consumer clicks on your local profile, they are served up with more great information about your business, FAQ, popular times, photos, and more.

The same goes for results on Google Maps
Google Business Profile in Maps
Google Business Profile in Maps


When someone finds your Google Business Profile on Maps, they can see a wide range of information about your business, including:

  • Contact information
  • Hours of operation
  • Popular Times
  • Shared media
  • Review summaries
  • And more
Test it here live - so you can see it in full-feature mode.


And all of this hassle-free information lets your customers more easily learn about your business, find the information they need to feel confident that you’re the solution you’re looking for, and ultimately, buy what you have to sell.

Finally, it also puts your business reviews upfront and center with prospective customers.  And since 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, that can be a huge factor in closing the sale or not.

Okay, okay.  So this sounds great and all.  And for such a modest price tag (it’s free), you’re probably wondering, does this even work?

And the resounding answer here is yes.

Let’s Look at the Numbers

The influx of local search intent and the ease of using Google Business Profile make setting up a profile vital.

But to drive the point home, let’s have a look at some of the statistics.

  • There was a 61% increase in calls from Google Business Profile from January 2020 to July 2020.
  • The average business earns 59 actions from their  Google Business Profile listing every single month, equating to about 5% of all listing views converting into action.
  • 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information.
  • 72% of consumers that did a local search visited a store within five miles.
  • 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else.
  • 88% of searches for local businesses on a mobile device either call or visit the company within 24 hours.

As you can see, ranking high on local Search using Google Business Profile is one of the best ways for your business to get found online.

Is Google Business Profile Really Free?

You bet it is!

One of the best things about this is that it costs nothing to create your profile and list your business.

Google makes a point of its affordability right in the Google Business Profile header.

Google Business Profile is Free

See, Google’s primary goal is to get more people using their Search and Maps features.  And one way to do that is to blur the line between the digital and physical world.

Sure, someone may be looking for a physical business.  But consumers can learn a lot of what they need to know (hours, products, services, messaging, quotes, etc.) by checking out its digital presence on Google.

You get free visibility by ranking higher.  Google becomes even more solidified as the search engine of choice.  And in the end, both parties are happy.

If you’re wondering how to rank higher on Google, your listing needs to be optimized for success.

It needs to contain all the relevant details your ideal customer is looking for.  And it needs to be dynamic, sharing regular weekly updates on your business, exclusive offers, and other engaging content.

This, of course, takes time and skill to do.

And that’s where a Google Business Profile management service comes in.

A management service lets you skip all the hassles of creating, optimizing, and maintaining your business listing.  And for you, that means you can rest easy knowing you’re ranking high so you can focus on running your business.

How Much Does Google Business Profile Management Cost?

A common question.  Prices range anywhere from several hundred bucks to $960+ per month per listing.

On average, you can expect to pay around $500 for basic-level yet reputable management services.

However, it would help if you were wary of services that charge far less than that, as they typically won’t include either the expertise needed to rank high or the range of services required to get your business to rank.

For instance, cheaper services may not include:

  • Ongoing local SEO audits and reporting
  • Service area optimization monitoring
  • Reputation management tools, including replies
  • Competitor link intersects (backlinks)
  • Multiple Fresh Images and Posts every week
  • More technical aspects like ongoing citation building & NAP optimization
  • Ongoing FAQ management
  • Etc.

So with cheaper services, you may just be paying the service to do what you could have done yourself in no time at all.

And given how vital Google Business Profile is to Local SEO, this is not something you want to leave in the hands of amateurs.

Is It Worth Hiring a Company to Manage My Google Business Profile?

Without a doubt, yes.

Proactively managing your listing takes time and understanding.  And there are a lot of details that need to be dealt with if you’re going to start ranking higher, or even at all.

For instance, check out these top local SEO ranking factors from an expert study our friends at BrightLocal performed.

Top Local SEO Ranking Factors in 2021
Top Local SEO Ranking Factors (source)


As you can see, it isn’t just about writing a business description, listing your hours, and uploading a logo.

Instead, there are essential factors that come into play.

The #1 factor is your Google Business Profile (36%).

The other important Google local SEO ranking factors also play a huge role in determining your rankings.

So trying to tackle each of these factors by yourself week after week, to increase your local rankings, all while managing your business, you may find yourself easily spending a whole day per week—and that’s time that business owners like you don’t have.

So, is it worth it to work with a local SEO company to do all this heavy lifting for you?

Yes.  Without question!

What Are the Top 5 Advantages of Google Business Profile Management?

Alright, we’ve seen why managing your Google Business Profile is such an integral part of digital marketing.  And we’ve seen that professional management services will provide more significant results, rankings, and return on investment.

So now, let’s look at exactly why working with a Local SEO company is a great idea.

#1.  A Hassle-Free Setup So You Can Focus on Your Business

This one is the most obvious of all the reasons.

Simply put, the most significant advantage of working with a local SEO company is that they do all the hard work of setting up and managing your listing for you.

The best Google Business Profile services will offer a complete setup and ongoing management, including:

  • Providing an initial local SEO Audit
  • Claiming of your listing
  • Creating an engaging business description
  • Performing targeted service area
  • Handling continuous photo and content uploads
  • Executing a best business category setup
  • Setup a reputation management tool to make getting reviews easy
  • Adding ongoing FAQ for customers
  • and much more!

#2.  Take Advantage of Everything Google Business Profile Has to Offer

Despite how easy it is to get started, using it to its full potential takes time and expertise.

Besides the typical business info included in your listing (hours, address, contact info, etc.), you can also add:

  • Service areas
  • Hours for specific services
  • A profile short name (denoted by @____) that makes it easier for your customers to find you
  • Links customers can use to make appointments with you right from Google
  • Unique ownership, accessibility, health and safety, and service option attributes
  • Products and services descriptions and inventory

On top of all that, management services would include:

  • Regular posting (weekly)
  • Media uploads (photos & video added weekly)
  • Creating ongoing citations and niche backlinks

And last but not least, you also have to consider responding to reviews and messages to show prospective customers that you care.

While you can plop in your primary business details, a complete listing tends to rank higher than other listings.

#3.  Timely Review Responses to Boost Customer Engagement

While the information in your listing is an undeniably important part of your profile, your reviews are often one of the first things prospective customers are looking at.

A report from Trustpilot found that:

a whopping 89% of consumers will consult online reviews before buying a product or service.

It’s no wonder why Google makes seeing business reviews simple, both in Search…

Google is actually the #1 source for online reviews.

Bizrate found that 59% of consumers use it to find reviews, followed by 57% using Amazon.

That being said, negative reviews can be crippling.  Website Builder reports that 94% of people report not patronizing a business because of a negative review.

However, you can respond to negative reviews quickly and perhaps even reverse such reviews entirely with the Google Business Profile management service.  Small Business Trends found that 30% of consumers admitted to changing their negative reviews after a company responded.

Google even outright tells you that businesses that respond to negative reviews are 1.7X more trustworthy for consumers than those who don’t.

And with a Google Business Profile management service, you can rest assured that your reviews (both negative and positive) are being responded to promptly.

#4.  Detailed Reporting So You Can Track Your Visibility Growth

Google is (in)famous for its far-reaching tracking capabilities.

With Google Business Profile, you can tap into just some of those tracking capabilities to glean invaluable insights about your target market, your website, and who are finding you on the web.

With the “Insights,” you can access a variety of stats and graphs related to your profile, including:

How many customers search for your business:

Google Business Profile Insights - Searches
Customer Searches


Where customers view your business on Google:

Google Business Profile Insights - Views
Customer Views


The most common actions that customers take on your listing (visiting website, calling, asking for directions)

Google Business Profile Insights - Actions
Action Insights


The areas where people are asking for directions to your business

Google Business Profile Insights - Directions


When and how many times do people call your business:

Google Business Profile Insights - Phone Calls


The most popular times and days consumers visit yo:

Google Business Profile Insights - Popular Times


The number of times your business photos have been viewed, compared to other businesses like you:

Google Business Profile Insights - Photos Viewed
Photos Viewed


Google New Profile Performance Reporting

Google Business Profile has provided New Profile Performance reporting that includes:

  • Business Profile Interaction reporting
  • Keyword Searches breakdown (to help you optimize content, etc.)
  • Missed call reporting (needs to be enabled)
  • Direct Message reporting (needs to be enabled)
  • Bookings made from profile (available under specific categories)
  • and more!

We agree this can all be a lot of information to take in. 

While you can use the data to better your internal business support system, the right local SEO company will help you parse through what the data says about the health of your business listing and what they will do to better the results.

More Local SEO Tools At Your Fingertips

On top of what Google Insights provides, an experienced local SEO pro will give you additional online reporting that digs into the data even more profound, including features like:

  • Location Summary Dashboard (top view of all critical metrics)
  • Rank Checker (by position, change, and across Google, Google Mobile, Google Maps, Bing, Bing Local, and by competitors)
  • Local Search Grid (see your rankings across an XX-mile area
  • Track of your citation health, which are live, pending, and even a glance at competitors
  • Reputation Management includes review growth and by source (e.g., Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.)
  • Local Search Health Audit (across links/authority, ranking, local listings, reputation, Onsite SEO, and social channels)
  • Google Analytics (top-level reporting)
  • Social Media (top-level reporting)

#5.  Leverage Technical Expertise to Help Increase Your Rankings

Last but certainly not least, a Google My Business management service can help with the more technical side of ranking locally.

For instance, say you’ve built out a perfect profile.

You’ve included every single shred of information about your business.

You’re posting regularly, adding pictures consistently, and keeping all of your business details up to date and optimized for conversions.

And yet, you’re still getting outranked by competitors in the Local 3-Pack.

What gives?

You’re probably wondering how to rank higher on Google Local, even when it feels like you’ve already done everything right.

As it turns out, your problem may be a little more technical.  And for those issues, you’ll likely need the help of the experts.

Local and niche citation building, duplicate and NAP optimizations, link intersecting, onsite technical SEO, and more may be just what you need to outrank your competition.

Ready to Get Started with Google Business Profile?

As you can see,  Google Business Profile is a potent tool for getting your business the online visibility it deserves.  And when you couple it with an experienced and knowledgeable local SEO company, you can get even more exposure without all the hassle of managing it yourself.

At Studio C5, Google Business Profile Management is just one of our clients’ valuable SEO services.

With our monthly service, we can handle every aspect of managing your profile, including:

  • Setting up your account
  • Providing local SEO audits
  • Optimizing your profile for your local area
  • Building both local and niche citations
  • Adding images, posts, and video content
  • Handling link intersect and NAP optimizations
  • Managing your business reputation
  • Providing detailed monthly reporting

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