Dental Blog – Why Every Dentist Needs One

Dental Blog

The Benefits of Killer Dental Blog Content

Blogging these days is about so much more than just keeping an online journal. Blogging has evolved into one of the most effective and economical forms of marketing. Businesses of all types, and in every industry, are attracting customers and driving growth by using the wealth of blogging tools out there.

If your dental practice doesn’t have a blog, you’re missing out on a potent opportunity. With a modest investment of time and money, you can use a dental blog to handle the majority of your marketing workload.

Enhance Your Web Presence With a Dental Blog

Even if you don’t have a dental blog, you probably have a website and know how important it is for your practice. Blogging is a way to improve your rank in search engine results so that more patients can find you faster. By using simple search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, you can start climbing the ladder in Google and Bing and draw in patients looking for exactly what you provide. There is no better way to improve your SEO than to regularly post to your dental blog.

One benefit of starting a blog is to establish your expertise in the dental field. Realistically, no one looks at your diploma or asks you for a transcript. A dental blog gives you a better means to show off what you know. Among other things, starting a blog:

  • Demonstrates your expertise in specific dental areas
  • Shows that you understand the needs of your patients
  • Provides education to promote your services

By maintaining a dental blog, you can write about the subjects you know best and that are most relevant to your present and future patients. That helps establish you as a dental authority and a doctor that understands the needs of his patients.

Dental Education and Shareable Content

Most of the content on your website is static. People will visit occasionally to look up your phone number or hours of operation, but there is not much incentive to return over and over – unless, of course, you have an engaging and informative blog. Since the content is updated monthly, weekly, or even daily, it gives readers a reason to stay up to date with your practice. That helps you distribute important information faster, and keeps you present in the minds of patients.

Maintaining a dental blog is a great way to educate your patients on:

  • The importance of oral health
  • The benefits of certain dental procedures
  • New developments in dental medicine
  • Options for cosmetic dentistry

This content is informative, but it also delivers a subtle message that encourages patients to book appointments more frequently and for higher levels of care. While it certainly works like marketing, it doesn’t exactly sound like marketing.

Writing insightful articles also creates shareable content, which can be distributed throughout social channels. If you write a dental blog post that is particularly funny, fascinating, controversial, or useful, it encourages people to post links on Facebook, Twitter, and other internet hubs. That leads to more people reading your blog and exposes huge numbers of potential patients to your practice.

Top Takeaways of Why Every Dentist Needs a Dental Blog

  • Blogging increases your search engine rankings
  • Blogging allows you to showcase your expertise in the dental field
  • Blogging keeps your dental practice top of mind
  • Blogging provides education and “upsell” opportunities

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write a great dental blog. The best posts are casual, conversational, and show off your personality. You can also leave it up to someone else to write the content.

If blogging is not part of your dental marketing plan – maybe its time to review your plan all together.

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