Is TV Advertising as Effective as It Should Be?

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The “Competition” of DVR and Netflix

When you talk about advertising, people tend to think first of TV ads. Iconic campaigns and long-running spokespeople typically make a stronger impression than a static print ad or a forgettable radio ad. But as these stats from Adweek illustrate, TV advertising might not be as effective as it used to be.

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What is Marketing Automation and How to Use it

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Did you realize that you could automate some of the most time and labor intensive aspects of the marketing process? Not only that, these technologies often deliver better results than you’re getting now. Learn more about marketing automation, and decide if this smarter strategy could revolutionize the way you reach out to customers.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is any technology or software that helps companies to manage, measure, and optimize the marketing process throughout the sales tunnel. Here are some of the most common ways that businesses utilize marketing automation:

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Radio Advertising vs Online Marketing

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Consider These Two Statistics

there are 13,000 radio stations in America reaching over 94% of the US population 12 and over each week. But between 2012 and 2013, the total amount spent on radio advertising declined by 5.6%. Why would a medium that reaches so many people be so unattractive to advertisers? The answer is complicated, but understanding it is important for any business that wants to stretch its marketing budget and maximize its impact.

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Why Using a Call to Action is So Important

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Learn Something New and Exciting

Discover a crucial element of copy writing.

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All of these are call to action statements, and they are a simple but effective way to influence the behavior of your target audience. If you look around the web, you will find that these statements are everywhere – encouraging you to click a link, travel to the next page, download something for free, or make a purchase online. The reason you see them so often is that they really work, and if you are not using them in your content, you are missing out on a big opportunity.

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What is a Buyer Persona and How Do I Create One?

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Start by Knowing Your Ideal Customer

Who is buying your products and services? How old are they and where do they live? What kind of problems do they have, and are you in a position to solve them? If you run a business of any kind, you should be asking yourself these questions. After all, if you don’t understand who your customers are, how can you reach new ones and encourage them to purchase more?

A buyer persona is essentially a profile of your target customer, and it is an invaluable tool for business. Putting one together is not that time or labor intensive but can have a huge effect on the future of your business.

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Social Media Marketing Ideas For Small Business

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Why should your small business rely on social media marketing?

It’s effective, cheap, engaging, relevant and accessible.  We could list a lot more reasons, if your business is not using social media marketing you are missing out on a big opportunity.

To help you get started, we’ve put together this list of simple social media tactics that any small business can put into action.

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Web Key Performance Indicators to Watch Out For

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Are You Analyzing Your KPIs Regularly?

Analytic tools make it easy for you to monitor a wide range of metrics related to the performance of your site. But if you want to get a true sense for how well you are doing, you need to know which metrics are the key performance indicators. Some numbers speak volumes, and others are relatively irrelevant. Pay close attention to the following…

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How Google Punishes Duplicate Content

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How to Avoid a Google Penalty

Rising up through the Google rankings requires a two-step approach. First, you have to implement an SEO strategy that proves to the Google algorithm that you are valuable, current, and relevant. Second, you need to avoid doing the things that Google penalizes you for. Lots of people focus on the first step but neglect the second one.

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Link Building Strategies for Beginners: A Guide

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Build Links With Strategy and Caution

If you are serious about driving traffic to your web presence, you need to get serious about link building. This is one of the fundamentals of SEO, and if you don’t take a proactive approach, you might find your website plummeting through the search rankings. Use this simple guide to learn more about link building and to get started with some basic strategies.

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How to Do a Competitive Analysis for Your Business

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Understanding Your Competition is the First Step

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is crucial if you want to be successful in business. After all, how can you appeal to your target customers if you don’t understand the appeals they are getting from similar businesses?

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PPC Marketing for Beginners – Adwords Explained

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Kicking Off Your Marketing Campaign

PPC internet marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target customers. Unfortunately, if your have never run a PPC marketing campaign, it can seem like a baffling undertaking. We have put together this guide to help you get a feel for the basics.

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Digital vs Traditional Marketing – What Works Best?

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How Digital and Traditional Marketing Intertwine

We get asked questions all the time about digital vs traditional marketing. Can I reach more customers on the radio or on Facebook? If I spend more on a print ad campaign will I see a higher ROI than focusing on social media? Do I need to put all my eggs in one basket, or should I focus on both digital and traditional marketing?

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How to Implement Lead Nurturing – A Sample Campaign

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Implement a Lead Nurturing Campaign that Works

One of the most exciting things about digital marketing is it makes the process of lead nurturing so much easier than it was in the past. Instead of spending hours on the phone and miles pounding the pavement, you can use simple online tools to bring highly-motivated customers into your fold.

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7 Ways to Help Increase Brand Awareness for Your Company

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Build and Increase Brand Awareness Across the Web

No matter what kind of business you run, it’s important for you to increase brand awareness. Think of your brand as the public identity of your company. It’s the shorthand that customers use to identify who you are, where you are, what you sell, and what makes you different from your competitors. If you can increase brand awareness, you stand out from the crowd.

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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Website

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Designing a Website — the Right Way

We have all been to poorly designed websites before. And most likely, you can’t think of an example on the top of your mind. That’s because you probably left the site quickly and with a bad taste in your mouth. Websites that work will draw you in and encourage you to stay longer. Websites that are unappealing and difficult to navigate will make you want to go elsewhere — and quickly.

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