The Customer Buying Cycle Defined – What You Need to Know

You can’t hope to achieve high conversion rates without understanding the customer buying cycle. Even if you’re satisfied with your current rates, there’s always room for improvement. Besides, you can bet your bottom dollar that your competitors are putting their knowledge about the customer buying cycle to effective use. If you don’t follow suit, you stand to lose out on a lot of business in the future. With a clear understanding of the customer buying cycle, you can achieve higher conversions, which will lead to increased revenues.


The Importance of Inbound Marketing

More than likely you’ve heard of the term “inbound marketing” before, usually when marketing professionals are talking about it for a business to invest in and to have robust inbound channels that help supplement lead generation and sales numbers. However, what makes it so important and why should a business bother with such marketing? Also, what makes it different from outbound marketing and why is outbound considered to be obsolete in this day and age?


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