A Brief Breakdown of Business Blogging

Business Blogging - Breakdown

You have heard the word content being thrown around everywhere on the internet lately, and one of the first words you hear associated with it; blogging. So you are thinking about starting a blog for your business, but don’t really understand why you need to. What’s the deal, what is so great about blogging? Follow this simple breakdown on business blogging, and learn why you should get started with yours today!

Business Blogging is a large piece of the marketing puzzle

With web presence being ever-so-important these days, think of your blog as another marketing outlet that is vital to your success.

Keeping up with your blog, posting frequently and posting relevant, QUALITY content will help bring qualified traffic to your website. The more traffic that is brought to your website, the more users who are learning about what you offer. The more users that are being educated on your company, the more leads you will have flooding into your company! Ok, you get the picture, business blogging, when done properly, can have an immense effect.

A couple of stats to help support the above:

  • B2C companies that blog get 88% more leads/month than those that don’t.- HUBSPOT
  • B2B companies that blog get 67% more leads/month than those that don’t. –HUBSPOT

The finer points of business blogging supporting business growth

Being up-to-date on the latest news and trends in your industry is key to staying ahead of the game. Writing articles about products, services, news and keywords that are popular in your industry will help bring traffic from search engines to your posts. When writing, imagine what people in your industry would be searching for:

  • what questions they want answering
  • what they want to learn more about
  • what products/services they are researching

If you answer these questions and build blogs around them, it will help you rank in search engines for optimal keywords and phrases. Blogging and producing articles proving your knowledge in the industry will help present your business as a thought-leader.

The audience doesn’t want to hear all about your company, they want knowledge, so why not provide it? This will help your site rank for search terms that don’t include your name; non-branded search terms. Users coming to your site for information and help will begin to trust your business, and eventually perhaps become a customer. Isn’t that a great concept? People finding your website because they WANT to!

How often do I have to post to see results?

However, know that posting as much as possible will be an advantage. This DOES NOT mean to post as much content as you can just because. You must make sure that what you are saying will prove to be helpful and beneficial to the user. Posting a lot of ‘alright’ content will not be near as effective as posting one piece of AWESOME content.

So basically, posting great content often is ideal. Decide on however many articles you feel is right for your company, then remember to keep up with the frequency. Post articles regularly to keep fresh content flowing into your blog.

Helpful hints on starting a business blog

Now hopefully you are convinced that this idea of a business blog will be worth the time and effort put into it. A few things to assist in getting you started, or give you a push to get going again, with your company’s blog:

  • Build an editorial calendar to help you organize and create topics
  • Create blog titles that STAND OUT
  • Insert images to help keep your readers interest
  • Promote your blog through other outlets you use such as social

There are many other components of a blog to be aware of, but we will get into that later. If you have more questions on the topic, feel free to contact us today. We offer services including editorial calendar creation, content strategy and much more.

Go on and begin creating those splendid articles we know you can create!

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