5 Easy Ways To Creating Blog Topics

Creating Blog Topics

Can’t. Think. Any. More. Having troubles getting the creative juices flowing in the blog world?  This reason alone causes many to fall behind or give up creating content for their business blog.  Don’t let this happen to you!

In today’s day and age and most importantly your online business success; you can no longer have a static site that lies dead to search engines.  In fact – if creating remarkable content is not a part of your marketing efforts – your paddling up a river without a paddle.

Creating Blog Topics is Key to Your Online Success

A blog is a perfect tool to create a content inbound marketing strategy that will work for you. Content creates awareness and allows you an avenue to become the authority in what your business offers.

And while coming up with blog topics to write about may be tricky at first; this article will give you numerous ways to brainstorm ideas which will make the process easier.

5 Easy Ways to Help Creating Blog Topics

  1. Hold a brainstorming session with your team– If you schedule a time to get your team together to think and come up with topics, you should obtain enough to last a while. When you get everyone to gather and bounce ideas off of each other, the possibilities are endless! Take notes, write down all ideas, and then go through and organize the topics in order of significance. Keeping track of all the ideas in an editorial calendar will assist in the organization and give you a helpful tool to use when deciding on what to blog about.
  2. Contemplate frequently asked questions– Thinking back about your business, there are sure to be questions that have been asked by your customers more than once. Write down these questions and answer them accordingly with a blog post. You can direct your users to that particular article for help when that question is asked again.
  3. Re-purpose content that has already been used elsewhere in your business- Finding old articles, presentations, blogs, downloads, etc. that have been created by your company prior is the perfect starting line for a blog post. Use this previously written content and make something new. Content can be used in many different outlets, so why not make a blog out of it!
  4. Ask around and find out what your audience wants to know– Asking previous, potential, and current customers what they would like to know more about your business is a great way to discover new topics. Post on your social media outlets and ask your audience there what they want to be educated on. Hey, you will never know if you don’t ask, right?
  5. Use current news stories/topics and relate it to your business– News stories that relate to your particular industry are making a good base to build a blog post around. It will also help show that your blog is current, and your business stays in tune with current new and events.

There are numerous other ways of creating blog topics that will attract visitors to your website. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box, and other times there may be blog topic ideas all around you and you just have to look.

Either way, there is a blog topic out there waiting to be written about, so go find it – create it and then publish it. Google will love you for it -and so will your customers and potential customers alike.

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